Summit Camp meals are served “family style” out of our centrally located Dining Hall facility three times daily. Meals are a cornerstone part of the camp community, and all campers and staff eat together for breakfast, lunch, and dinner during the camp season. Campers will sit together with their bunkmates and counselors at an assigned table inside the dining hall, or on a blanket or nearby table for picnic meals on Wednesdays. Our Super Teen campers will also have the pleasure of getting some work experience during the day- either lunch or dinner will be “waited” by the boys’ or girls’ Super Teen unit.


A camper thinks over whether or not to sample the potato salad served at a picnic dinner.

Summit provides a wide variety of dietary accommodations to ensure that every member of our community has a safe and satisfying diet while away at camp. These include:

  • Kosher meals. Summit follows kosher guidelines for meal preparation and dining. All food is prepared according to Jewish dietary laws. All meals and snacks come from kosher distributors, including glatt kosher meats, dairy products, and dry products. Meat and dairy are never served at the same meal. Coverings are used for tables during all meals where meat products will be served.
  • Gluten free. Summit provides a gluten free option for all meals and snacks that is reflective of the main course served at that meal- for example, if pizza is being served, gluten-free pizza will be available.
  • Vegetarian and vegan meals. Summit provides vegetarian and vegan options for all meals that reflect the main course being served at that meal.
  • Dairy free. Summit provides a dairy free option for all meals that reflects the main course being served at that meal. Rice milk, lactaid, and soy milk are available for all dairy meals.
  • Nut free. Summit campus is strictly enforced as a nut free community. All incoming mail is examined in the main office to remove any potential nut products. A peanut butter alternative is available for all meals.
  • Allergen and restricted diet experts. Summit has extensive experience in working with campers that have unique allergy and food sensitivity concerns, including medically restricted diets for protein, carbohydrates, and more. All staff receive a training program in the use of epi-pen and the importance of allergy awareness.
  • ‘Picky’ eaters/sensory food concerns. Summit further recognizes the challenges faced by some members of our community around food options, and remains highly sensitive to addressing these needs. Some of our campers come to us with very restricted diets due specifically to sensory and/or anxiety related concerns. The kitchen staff work with counselors to accommodate these unique needs. Parents may also elect to provide supplementary food or dietary assistance that will be kept in a safe location (such as a known preferred snack/food item, protein supplements, ensure, etc).

Summit meals and snacks follow the same routine schedule throughout the entire camp session. Each meal includes a variety of both hot and cold food options. Water is always available to fill up at a multiple fill stations around the campus.


Girls from Middle Camp get a great deal of social enjoyment from joking together during mealtime.

8:10: Breakfast: Hot options such as scrambled eggs, pancakes, french toast sticks, or cheese omelette; cold options including a variety of cereals, fruits, yogurts, and granola; oatmeal, hard-boiled eggs; juices and water.

10:20-10:40: Morning snack: Fruits, shortbread cookies, milk and juice boxes.

12:40: Lunch: Hot options such as grilled cheese, falafel, meatball sandwich; cold options such as salad, “peanut butter” & jelly; pasta bar; juices and water.

3:10-3:30: Afternoon snack: Fruits, milk, juice, crackers, chips.

6:10: Dinner: Hot options such as roasted chicken, beef stew, barbeque hot dogs/hamburgers, vegetables; cold options such as chicken caesar salad, wraps; pasta bar, pb&j sandwich station, Dessert.

8:30-9:30 (varies by age group): Evening Snack: Smore’s, popcorn, crackers, juice, milk, water.


As with all aspects of our program, these times and structures generally suit the needs of the Summit community, but are by no means rigid or finite in what we provide to our individual camper. For most of our campers the meal options are enjoyable and offer variety, choice, and yet familiarity that makes for a successful diet while they are with us at camp. For some campers, additional accommodations and special circumstances are needed- this is not only completely acceptable, but something that we are both prepared for and experienced in addressing within our programs. We welcome you to contact us to discuss any specific needs or circumstances we would need to be aware of prior to your campers’ application to camp.