Completing an application for our summer programs is easily completed through the Campminder system!

A new camper/traveler for summer application includes the following steps:

-Submitting the initial application on CampInTouch.

-Completing and/or submitting forms requested by Summit.

-Participating in a phone interview with the Admissions Director.

Once these steps are completed, Senior Director Gene Bell will reach the family to make an offer of acceptance to the program.

The first step: Submitting an initial application on the Campminder CampInTouch system.

  1. Follow our link to our summer programs application on CampInTouch.
  2. No matter which program you are interested in (camp or travel), select “camper application”.
  3. Complete your initial parent information and create a password. If you have already had an inquiry, you may already have an account, and if you do not know the password- choose the “send a reset” to your account and you can set up a new password.
  4. Choose the season you are applying for (2017).
  5. Enter your child/teen’s basic information, and let us know how you ended up applying to Summit (particularly if it is a former camper or traveler of ours! )
  6. Choose the session you are applying for. Note: Only sessions that your camper/traveler is eligible for by age will appear, so if you are not seeing any sessions/the session you want to apply for, please contact us to help address this issue.
  7. Provide some more specific details about your family- address, emergency contacts, etc.
  8. If you have a current photo of your camper, please submit it now. If not, please click “continue”, and submit a photo at a later date.
  9. On the payment page, first download and read the information for new applications. Then, you may select “check” or “credit card” to start your application process. The required deposit for a new camp or travel application is $500, which is refundable if you choose not to enroll in the camp program, less a processing fee of $100. A full refund of the application deposit will be provided in the unusual circumstance we cannot meet the needs of the potential camper. Once enrolled, the deposit will be credited towards the cost of the program in full.
    • -If you select “check”, please indicate that you have read the rates from the PDF document provided, select that you authorize us to process a payment in the amount of $500, and select continue. You will then need to mail a check in the amount of $500 to us at our winter offices in Parsippany in order to begin the application process for camp.
    • -If you select “credit card”, please indicate that you have read the rates from the PDF document provided, select that you authorize us to process a payment in the amount of $500, and select continue. As a new applicant, unless you have already discussed a payment plan or alternative options, there is no need to authorize further payments at this time.
  10. Once submitted, a page reviewing your family’s future balance will be displayed. Understand this is a review of charges for the program which you are applying, not the current amount due. Please simply scroll to the bottom and select either New Camper (check) or New Camper (CC). Only returning camp families are intended to select other payment plan options.
    • -If you are applying during a time of discounted rates (prior to December 31st), even as a new applicant, you can take advantage of lower rates by submitting a larger deposit (up to 50%) of the eventual camp program. However, the registrar will contact you to coordinate this option. This deposit is also refundable up to the point of a month after Summit has offered a camp placement for your child. This is fully optional, and should be taken advantage of by families who have become highly familiar with Summit through prior discussion with Directors, camp visit, references, and so forth. If you have any questions as to whether this is a good option for your family, we encourage you to contact us first.
  11.   On the final page, agree to the terms and conditions. Once you have agreed and click submit, your initial camper/traveler application is completed! You will receive a confirmation to the email address you used to apply.
    • -If you authorized payment by credit card, the registrar will charge the deposit to this card within the next few business days, and you will receive a notification that you are now able to access all forms and documents.
    • -If you authorized payment by check, the registrar will process your deposit once the check is received in our winter offices. Until the check is cleared, you will not have access to the forms and documents required for the application. Once the check arrives and clears, you will receive a notification you are able to access the forms.

Important notice:

If you are receiving subsidized payment from any other resource, including school district funding, scholarship, or likewise, you MUST contact us prior to submitting this part of the application.

The Second Step: Submitting documents.

  1. Once you receive an email from our Registrar indicating that your payment has been processed, you can access the necessary forms on CampInTouch for Summit to begin the actual review of the camper/traveler application.
  2. Going back to the same location where you started your initial application, you can now log in to your CampInTouch under the link called “MyCampminder”. You may be asked to create some security questions and/or if you wish to change your password, this is normal.
  3. Once you have logged in successfully, you will be in your profile. This is an area with which you will become very familiar with over the next few months! You can do pretty much anything from this area, including looking at photos during the camp season. For now, however, you will need to select the “Forms and documents” at the top of the page.
  4. When you enter you should see a number of forms and documents that you can complete. If not, make sure that you are in the correct season (2018) and not the former season (2017), as occasionally Campminder does load the prior season in error. Here you will find documents you need to complete on the computer, print out and submit, and items that you can download for your own benefit. Those which you need to do in order to submit application will say “required”.
    • -If the icon next to the item looks like a computer screen or tv, this is a form that is completed or submitted completely online, such as uploading your campers’ photo.
    • -If the icon looks like a bar code, this is a form you will download by clicking on it, print out, and give to the person/agency that best represents that area of your campers’ life. There is a form intended for teachers and another intended for clinicians. If for any reason you do not have a person to complete any required form, you must let the Registrar know so she can submit alternative information to the Admissions Director on your behalf. Email:
    • -If the icon looks like a paper/page with a folded corner, this is a PDF document you can download for your own use.
  5. If you have alternative information you would like to submit, please email or mail it directly to the Registrar. This might include a 504 plan, parts of an IEP, information from a social pragmatics or social skills development program, prior camp notes or information, and so on.
  6. Once your information is submitted in full, the Registrar will contact you to coordinate the final application step, the phone interview with the Admissions Director.

The third step: Phone Interview.

  1. Our Registrar will contact you to coordinate a phone call between yourself/your family and the Admissions Director.
  2. The phone call can include one or both guardians listed on the application.
  3. Expect the phone call to take about 1 hour in time.
  4. The interview will help identify your camper/travelers strengths, needs for support, areas of interest, and much more. While the goal of the interview is to determine that the camper is ready for an independent experience, it will also be a crucial component of determining the proper bunk selection for camp, so be as forthcoming as possible. Summit has a wide variety of bunk placements, and your camper is more likely to have the most enjoyable experience paired with other campers that share a similar skill set and interest base.
  5. If the Admissions Director has any concerns or hesitation about your camper/travelers’ participation she will talk with you openly about these concerns. She may ask for additional information or contact to speak to if she feels it will be helpful in supporting the proper placement within camp.
  6. Once the application is completed the Admissions Director submits her report, along with all camper materials, on to our Senior Director with her recommendation for the camper’s enrollment in the program. The Senior Director Gene will call each family to discuss their enrollment into the program.

While we hope this offers a lot of information and de-mystifies the camp application process, we know there are many unique circumstances. If there are absolutely any questions don’t hesitate to contact us up front or during the application process. Our goal is to make this process as smooth for the family as possible.