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Here are some letters/cards received from staff. We thought you would want to hear what they had to say about their Summit experience...

....I’ve never been anywhere where I feel totally loved and safe, yet not knowing why in fact I’m here. Really Summit is a unique place - a whole side of my life that only Summit people understand, and I feel privileged to have had the chance to be part of Summit and have an extended family of hundreds.

...When I first read the name of the camp my first thought was that it must be on a mountain or something but now I know that the name indicates the experience the camp has to offer both campers and counselors alike. It takes you to the peak of every emotion possibly felt by humans both positive and negative.

...The children who come to camp are labeled, and made to feel like failures in many areas of their lives. This can lead to them missing out on many joyous experiences every child should have an automatic right to. Here, I like to think, they have found a sanctuary, a place free from all those people and environments that do not understand or accommodate them. This is a place where they are accepted for who they are, where they are given space and time by people who will let them express their feelings and where they can revel and find peace in the joys of childhood. This place has also become a sanctuary where these children have enlivened the child in me and this is part of our being which can bring great happiness and peace. Here I have found happiness and peace.

...Every situation has a solution, every problem has an answer, on camp nothing stands still, everything always moves and with enough determination, sweat, hope, guidance, support, laughter, belief, perseverance, fun and sunshine, anything is possible and yes, everyday miracles do happen.

...My experience at Summit Camp is one that will never be forgotten. It’s hard to explain what it feels like to be a 24 hour a day positive role model for so many young, bright individuals. Here at Summit you are given the opportunity to give so much, but most of all you receive so much more. Despite all the stressful days we all experience, we always seemed to look forward and recall those smiles, rewards, laughs and cheers of accomplishment we all shared. Camp gave us the opportunity to act as parents or leaders, but also to remind ourselves that we all still have the kid inside of us. The friendships made here at Summit will hopefully last a lifetime and our memories of this summer will not be forgotten.

...We all see the negative things and the lack of understanding and social skills that some of these campers exhibit. But if this becomes our main focus on camp, there is no fun for our campers or ourselves. The times when a camper shares with another through their own initiative, when a camper tells someone who is upset that it’s going to be all right, the cheering of bunkmates and of complete strangers, the hugs and being told that I am their favorite counselor, when a camper realizes that they have done the wrong thing and ask what the consequence is - all of these things have touched me in a way that will last a lifetime. Despite disorders or medical conditions each of these children have shining moments that break through the clouds and the walls that we build.

...Every day offers new challenges, sometimes you just want to run away and hide, sometimes you need to go away and cry, sometimes you wonder why you are here and then witness the achievement in a child’s eyes or smile and you remember. You become so attached to these children you work with, that you share in their successes and however great or small you celebrate them.