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Staffing Policy
At Summit we respect and cherish our staff. In recognition of the challenging and demanding work that a position at Summit entails, our camp administration consistently works to create as pleasant and supportive an atmosphere as possible. Our first concern must always, of course, be for the safety, welfare and progress of our children. Nonetheless, these concerns are not mutually contradictory although at times self-sacrifice is called for on the part of the staff in order to assure the safety and welfare for our children.
Within this context, we have policies that reflect our concern for our community of campers and staff. While the listing below is not comprehensive, we hope that it will at least cover the most important areas and better define our community to you.
A. Orientation - All staff are expected to attend orientation - it is considered a full part of the period of employment. During the course of orientation, staff are permitted to review the records of their campers. These camper records are strictly confidential and may not be shared or discussed in any context other than professional conferences within the camp. In addition, the mechanics of the camp operation are explained and demonstrated. Orientation is immediately followed by the beginning of the camping season.

B. When on Duty ( OD ) , a counselor's full attention must be devoted to the needs of the campers in his/her care. Your behavior as a role model must be adhered to at all times while on duty and whenever on campgrounds. O.D. - This refers to patrol supervision of campers between the hours of their bedtime and 12:00 AM (staff curfew). Each staff member usually has this responsibility once in every 3 to 4 days. The OD provides coverage for 1 or more cabins while his fellow staff are off-duty. The OD remains on the porch of an assigned cabin and every half-hour makes rounds through the cabins for which he/she is responsible, checking on the comfort of the campers in the cabin, whether or not children might need extra blankets due to a cooling off, waking those children who have a history of bed wetting, and seeing that they use the toilet facilities as per the schedule with which the staff member is provided, and being responsible for the maintenance of quiet in those cabins. The regularly assigned cabin counselors are not relieved from duty until the campers are in bed and in good control.

C. Curfew - Issues involving camper safety are, understandably, our highest priority. In order to assure a safe environment for our campers we feel we must provide comprehensive night time supervision. We also believe it benefits the health and safety of our entire camp community when night time is a time of rest and quiet. Our curfew requires that staff be in their respective living quarters by 12:30 AM each evening.

D. Days Off
- Each member receives 7 days off during the summer. The first is at the end of staff orientation and the other 6 happen on a regular basis while the campers are in attendance. These are periods of 24 hours. Timing of days off typically start at cabins-in. Specific schemes are set at the start of each session.

E. Time Off
- In recognition of the length of the camp day, every attempt is made to provide cabin staff with 2 hours off daily. Hours off may be taken only with the approval of the Unit Leader, as at certain activities the presence of 2 counselors will be required. All counselors are on duty during cabin cleanup as well as shower hour. In general, the counselors and unit leader will review their groups' activity schedule and then select those activities at which it is felt the presence of 1 counselor is adequate.

Summit also attempts to give each member of the cabin staff one evening OFF per week. The evening off CANNOT PRECEDE that individual's day off. If it did, the burdens placed upon the other staff member in that cabin (of having to remain alone for some 36 hours) would be excessive. Both "hours off" and "evenings off" are, of course, subject to possible cancellation due to any emergency.

F. Smoking
- Camp discourages smoking both in order to preserve health and to eliminate the possibility of fire. Consequently, smoking is prohibited at all times in any indoor area of the camp and, counselors are prohibited from smoking when engaged in a leadership role with their campers at activities. Smoking is permitted only in designated smoking areas. Our goal at Summit is a smoke-free environment.

G. Staff Visitors & Telephone calls - Staff may have visitors only on their days off and visiting is to be conducted off grounds, so as not to interfere with on-going activities. We do not put through phone calls to staff unless it is a clear emergency. We will, however, take messages for you and transmit them to you as rapidly as possible. The camp office telephones are answered from 9:00 a.m. 9:00 p.m. daily. Staff wishing to make outgoing calls, domestic or foreign, have access to several public telephones in the staff lounge. Be prepared to make collect calls, or have a telephone "calling card" which is valid in the US (the camp sells these cards at our office) as these are not coin box units.

H. Kitchen and Dining Room Policies - Non-kitchen staff are NOT to enter the kitchen before, during or after meals. The kitchen area is strictly OFF LIMITS. During the course of a meal, if you or your campers require any special services, specific procedures have been established to assist you. These will be explained during the course of our staff seminar when the Young Adult Work Program is detailed for you.

I. Policies Regarding the Camp Drivers - Drivers are not able to provide services for individual staff members. Any items which you may need from town will have to be obtained when you or a friend has the time available to go in to take care of personal shopping. Our drivers do transport staff on days off, do camp shopping, and provide other duties in support of camp's community.

J. Camp Laundry - Staff are able to utilize the same service as our campers at no cost. This is sent out on a scheduled basis, once each week. All clothing must be labeled with your name, preferably via sewn - in labels. THE CAMP IS NOT RESPONSIBLE FOR LOSS OR DAMAGE TO STAFF CLOTHING OR PERSONAL BELONGINGS. DO NOT BRING EXPENSIVE ITEMS TO CAMP.

K. Day Off Transport/Evening Off Transport - The camp leases passenger vans and hires drivers specifically for the purpose of providing safe and economical transport to and from camp and local areas of interest. Staff who wish to utilize this service will be required to help defray a portion of the costs involved.

L. Food Policy - The Summit Camp serves a natural-foods cuisine consisting of fresh fruits and vegetables and whole grains, while eliminating refined sugar, additives, preservatives and food coloring where possible. The camp also prepares fine quality poultry, meat and fish. We do try to provide vegetarian options at meat meals. Since the camp adheres to this food policy in both our kitchen and canteen, and since we prohibit packages of "junk food" being sent or brought to our campers by their families, we also ask that our staff not bring "junk foods" into camp for themselves or campers.