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Staff Welcome Letter

Welcome to Summit Camp - 2014 - Celebrating Excellence in Special Camping since 1969!

Dear Applicant,

We are pleased at your interest and glad that you are visiting our web site. Working at Summit Camp is an extraordinary experience that takes special people. It is not for everyone - but for those who join us it has meant a meaningful experience that at times has remolded and directed their professional and personal paths. It may be like nothing you have ever done!

In over 40 years of working with staff, we have found that both the applicant and camp can save a great deal of time and effort if you have a thorough picture of the camp's programs and policies prior to submitting a formal application and/or accepting an employment contract. These pages hold a great deal of information about our program. Please review it carefully - and then reach us if you feel it is a match to your abilities/skills/interests.

Our staff joins us for a multitude of reasons. They are, however, all devoted to helping children and making a positive difference in their lives. We gather for a seemingly short period of time, but have annually been applauded by campers, their families, and associated professionals for the range of positive experience, personal growth, and change the camp experience provides.

You will assist with friendships, social skills development and simple plain fun. You will be asked to problem solve, think quickly on your feet, and have the patience of ten people. You will hone your leadership skills and listening skills. You will provide interventions, support, management, and a responsive ear. At times you are a cheerleader as you provide motivation, and at times may even feel like Darth Vader as you struggle to be fair and consistent. You will become a role model, a pal, an organizer, a replacement parent or big brother or big sister. You will be idolized one moment and then perhaps cursed at another.  No doubt you will also learn a great deal about yourself - your strengths and areas that need growth. You may actually be surprised by your abilities! It is a total immersion experience - personally and professionally - where you will also make some of the best and strongest friendships of your life.

Summit Camp is located 125 miles northwest of New York City in rural Wayne County, PA. It is 10 miles north of Honesdale and is a 45 minute drive to Monticello, N.Y. or Scranton, PA. It is an ideal location and facility to accomplish our goals.

If you feel that you can make a contribution to our children, seek personal and professional growth, and that you would enjoy working within our environment, we urge you to complete and submit the application form and/or contact us as soon as possible. A Summit Camp summer is like no other!

Very Truly Yours,

Eugene Bell ,Senior Director
Debs Hugill, Head ,Counselor & Program Director
Leah Love ,Assistant Director
Glynis Conyer ,Owner - Manager


The 2014 Season

General Staff: June 21 - August 24, 2014
Counselor Specialists: June 18 - August 24, 2014
Food Service, Support, Adventure & Ropes & Waterfront Staff: June 14 - August 24, 2014

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