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Staff Selection Criteria
Our season includes a formal staff orientation as well as the camper season. Our general staff orientation is a six day program, designed to educate our staff in the methods and techniques that have become so important to the success of Summit Camp. It is also designed to build a bond among staff, and very specifically prepare for the summer's work. Members of our aquatics staff arrive earlier to participate in a camp sponsored America Red Cross Lifeguard training program. Adventure team members also arrive early for orientation and certification in our high and low ropes course as well as certification in American Red Cross First Aid and CPR.
Summit Camp employs staff from around the world. Staff members who are not USA citizens join us as members of a cultural exchange format and work with us under a specific Visa status - the J-1. These visas are provided by one of several exchange organizations. We are able to connect you should this be necessary.

Three equally important considerations comprise our criteria for staff selection:



It is important that our staff have experience working with children, both normal and atypical.

Most important is an applicant's experience with the special needs child. We have found that experience with groups such as the environmentally deprived, the physically challenged, the emotionally handicapped or those with behavior problems is of the greatest value in preparing an individual for the challenge of working in our setting.


Experience in working with one of the groups described above is no guarantee that one has worked effectively with them. We, therefore, expect each applicant to be able to submit references attesting to his/her success in assisting children to develop their potential and/or highlighting their leadership skills.


The most important factor, and that which may often be most difficult to judge, is that of personality. Our staff members must be emotionally stable, mature, objective, accepting of individual differences, yet warm and supportive. Regardless of the applicant's experience and talent, the absence of these qualities will radically reduce his/her ability to have a successful experience. Our basis for evaluation of these factors consists of a personal interview for each applicant, as well as a review of references submitted by former employers, teachers, etc.

Essential Functions of All Staff

  1. Ability to communicate, utilize supervision, and work with groups participating and provide necessary instructions to campers.
  2. Abilities to observe camper behavior, assess its appropriateness, enforce appropriate safety regulations and emergency procedures and apply appropriate behavior-management and motivational techniques.
  3. Visual and Auditory ability to identify and respond to environmental and other hazards related to the activity.
  4. Must be able to assist campers in emergency situations and possess strength and endurance required to maintain constant supervision of campers.