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Jobs & Descriptions
To service the needs of our 280 campers, our total staff, including food service, office and maintenance personnel, numbers nearly 210.

Program Staff Categories:



Directors Adventure Director Head of Specialists
Associate Directors Athletic Director Behavioral Specialists
Program Director Technology Director Head Chef
Deputy Program Director Head Waterfront Caretaker
Unit Leaders    

Medical Staff:

Education Staff:

 Cabin Counselors:

Doctor Head Teacher  3 Per Bunk Group*
Nurses Teachers  
Medical Secretary Computer Teachers  

Specialist Staff**:

Arts & Crafts Climbing Wall / Low Ropes Swim Instructors / Life Guards
Adventure (Canoe, hike, trek, bike) Martial Arts Puppetry
Dance/Aerobics Nature Video Arts
Music Trampoline Baseball
Theater Arts General Sports Tennis
Woodshop Soccer Canoeing
Basketball Boating Ski Boat Driver
Wrestling Sailing /Wind Surf Jewelry
Circus Arts Gymnastics  
Ceramics Cooking  
Camp Craft Mountain Biking  
 ** In some instances, a specialist will also work with a cabin group as a counselor - sharing responsibilities in a role that bridges both functions.

 *Counseling positions:

Minimum age 20, completion of 2 years in college, 2-3 years experience with Special Needs populations and/or challenging children.

Support Staff

Equally important to the success of camp each summer are the folks who comprise our support staff. These include staff in our medical department as nurses or nurse aid; Food Service as cooks and utility workers; Maintenance staff including laundry workers, chambermaids (cleaners), and maintenance workers; Office secretaries; and drivers/service aids. Although often working parallel to camp, their efforts are critical to the smooth flow of our community. Work schedules and job duties are specific to the area, but do allow for designated time off and days off. Every effort is extended to include everyone in camp wide programs and special events.
Chef / Food Manager Second Chef Steward
Prep Cooks Kitchen Utility Drivers
Secretaries Canteen Worker Handyman / Porter
Laundry Workers Cleaners  

Program Staff


The Cabin Counselor

The cabin counselor is an important part of the camp's program and, therefore, represents a most important staffing unit. All other camp personnel are basically deployed to provide supportive assistance to cabin staff, whether those functions are programmatic, medical, administrative, etc. There is no question that the cabin staff in each and every case will determine each camper's degree of enjoyment of, as well as benefit from, the camping experience. The role of cabin counselor can, therefore, be briefly outlined as follows:
  1. To meet the needs of the children in his/her care for basic nurturing. This requires the staff members to meet each child's needs for physical health and safety as well as emotional growth and development. When fully outlined, this heading would cover tasks both pedestrian and exotic, from assuring camper cleanliness and proper table manners, to the imparting of those interpersonal skills required for a child to establish meaningful relationships with other children as well as adults, etc.
  2. The cabin counselor is responsible for the implementation of the camp activity programs. This involves basic responsibility for:
    1. Motivating campers to participate actively in programs.
    2. Being responsible for the provision of materials necessary for the conduct of the activity.
    3. Assuring that individual activities are adequately monitored, or adjusted so that each participating camper achieves a satisfactory rate of progress and satisfaction through his/her participation.
    4. Assuring the participants physical health and well being while participating in activity, i.e., assuring safe procedures, calm and orderly behavior, awareness of potential dangers.
  3. The cabin counselor serves at the personal advocate of each camper in the child's, as well as the group's, relationship with other staff members and fellow campers. The staff member facilitates communication home with letter writing, as well as with peers in the cabin and the general population.
  4. The cabin counselor must serve as an appropriate role model for the children in his/her care. This precludes the use of physical force or foul and abusive language and instead demands that despite the pressures and possible fatigue that may result from the very strenuous and arduous tasks that the counselor faces, he/she must consistently be in control of his/her emotions and always function in the role of a parent/teacher/leader. The staff member must never, through his/her own behavior, confuse a child about which types of behavior are socially appropriate or inappropriate. The special child, who by and large may lack appropriate social judgment, must be encouraged to adopt a uniform socially acceptable behavioral standard.

Activity Specialists

The Summit Camp provides Program Specialists in those areas listed earlier. It is expected that by the nature of their special qualifications, the individuals holding these positions can offer a more creative, more challenging and more structured program in their areas, than could a general counselor. When not directly involved in either programmatic instruction or program planning for his/her special area, the activity specialist may be assigned to assist cabin staff. Whenever such an assignment is made, the activity specialist's job description is identical to that of a cabin counselor as described above. When specifically involved in his/her special area responsibilities include planning and implementing the special activity in a manner designed to maintain camper interest, while meeting camper needs for management, structure, and intellectual and emotional support. Physical health and safety are primary goals, to be achieved by modifying activities when necessary, so that each camper may experience the sensation of "achievement" and "success" inherent in the satisfactory completion of the tasks assigned.
  1. The activity specialist is fully responsible for the proper maintenance both of the activity area as well as any equipment and supplies utilized by the children when functioning in that area.
  2. The activity specialist is responsible for creating an environment conducive to program participation. This refers to the emotional, as well as physical environment for each child. The program area should be attractively and invitingly organized and/or decorated and an atmosphere of calm assurance should prevail.
  3. It is the responsibility of the program specialist to assure that all appropriate and necessary safety precautions are consistently adhered to by campers as well as by staff participating in that particular activity. The physical safety of the camper is always the primary concern and responsibility of the staff member.
  4. Special Responsibilities for Activity Specialists: The Activity Specialist is required to devote specific hours each day to relieving cabin staff, as follows:
    1. Each activity specialist covers one or more cabins during rest hour to permit unit meetings. Generally the person covers the same group as he/she is assigned to for evening activity programs.
    2. Each activity specialist has one night off per week plus one day off equal to the number of weeks they work, less one. On the other 5 nights the activity specialist assists in the operation of clubs (2 nights per week) and on other nights receives specific assignments to help prepare for a given evening activity (whether it be party night, social night, camp fire, etc.).
    3. Activity specialists who live in cabins, and therefore share responsibility with cabin counselors for 12 o'clock coverage sit O.D. The assignment will usually be with the same group as evening activity.