Home Staff Benefits
Summit Camp takes great pride in the range of professional and personal support that is extended to our staff each season. We know that a knowledgeable and content staff provides the greatest opportunity for a positive summer experience.

In the area of professional support:

  • Camp begins with a complete 6 day orientation program that includes education, development of routines, team bonding, and directed activities to build the spirit and knowledge base of our staff. It is designed to help everyone prepare for their summer’s role.
  • Camp’s directors are seasoned professionals and are able to provide meaningful and supportive supervision all season long.
  • Unit directors at Summit Camp are products of our staff development and also have significant training in areas appropriate to our camp including education, social work, recreation, and/or child care.
  • Each week our counselors meet in seminar with a member of our professional support team. These sessions include techniques for camper support and management, social skills concepts, and general problem solving.
  • Campers' issues that may require immediate response are dealt with promptly by senior staff members working along with cabin counselors - no festering allowed!
  • Staff is encouraged to offer input ranging from camper issues to program development and special events. We recognize and welcome everyone’s contributions and work hard at being supportive of staff needs.
  • Camp encourages staff to earn college/university credit for their efforts. Although we are not directly affiliated with one institution, our directors reflect a cross section of expertise and welcome the opportunity to act as field monitors/instructors. We have done this numerous times!

In the area of staff benefits:

  • Program staff members have seven full days off and seven nights off each season - a high standard when compared to many other camps with similar schedules. Support staff receives one day off per week for each week they work with us, less one. Staff also have scheduled time off daily.
  • Transportation at a nominal fee is provided for staff on days off and on nights off to local shopping and several special destinations.
  • Camp has two fully air-conditioned staff lounges. One is a quiet area for reading or writing letters or watching Satellite TV. The other includes a lounge area, vending machines, table tennis, and a pool table. They are available to staff only.
  • Staff has internet access available in camp's computer labs - a total of 18 computers. WiFi access is available in certain locations. There are also five phones available for staff use (these use only calling cards or reversed charges).
  • Staff activities are held almost every evening and include things such as athletic games, parties, campfires, evening swims, and movie nights throughout the summer.
  • There is always a supervisor available to listen to concerns and help deal with problems.