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Summit Camp & Travel - Travel FAQ
Travel FAQ

1.  Do you have to go to Summit Camp in order to participate in Summit Travel?

  • No, attending camp before going on travel it is not a requirement. Our groups are composed of equal numbers of former campers as well as participants who are new to our program.  We will however, meet with every camper on Skype before the trip in order to make the initial meet and greet - important for both us and the camper.

2.  How can my camper benefit from Summit Travel?

  • Improved Social Skills, Greater Independence, Self-Awareness
  • Growth and Confidence
  • Cultural and Educational gain from experience
  • Organizational Skillset and Toolbox: Budgeting, Time Management, Problem Solving
  • Sense of Achievement

3.  What type of life skills will my child learn while on Summit Travel?

  • There are many skills that a camper on travel will proudly leave with: improved daily living skills, time management, social awareness, self-advocacy, budgeting, navigation, problem solving and so much more!
  • Summit Travel allows campers to experience the world-different cultures, different languages and they have the opportunity meet wonderful people and to see amazing things. Campers are interacting not only with each other but with the rest of the world. Whether it be ordering from a menu or paying for their purchases, they are constantly in situations where they get to practice and master ‘real’ world social skills.

4.  How will my camper increase independence and leadership skills?

  • Campers will become much more independent. From the moment they wake up campers are given a schedule and time to meet in the lobby before departing each day. On an ad-hoc basis, campers will also be able to go off on their own in groups of 4 or more and are expected to meet back at a certain time. A staff member remains at a specific meeting point just in case someone does separate from his or her group.
  • We will also ask our campers to help us navigate and to lead the group on daily excursions.

5.  How will my camper’s medications be handled during the trip?

  • A licensed nurse on every travel trip monitors and administers all of your camper’s medications.
  • All medications are pre-packaged with the camper’s name, time, and dosage on it.
  • If there is an issue, a staff member can be in immediate contact with camp’s health team – our doctor and nurses – who have significant experience with our type of child and their pharmacology as well as the camper’s family.


6.  How will you insure that my camper will be safe on tour?

  • The ratio on travel Camper: Counselor is 5:1.
  • They are with a counselor at all times during the day and are never left unattended unless the Director feels it is appropriate in which case the counselors are always a few steps behind and there is a central meeting location where a staff member stays at all times.
  • Staff are always available to tend to the campers’ needs.
  • Our staff ‘get’ your camper and have an onsite camp orientation before departing on travel. Our staff are qualified, quite often, returning staff members who truly care for these campers.
  • The nurse handles all of your camper's medications and he or she is always there in case your camper gets sick and or needs medical attention.

7.  Where will my campers be staying during the trip?

  • We always stay at hotels and/or dorm like settings.
  • When in hotel rooms each camper rooms with either one, two or three other campers, each with their own bed. They are assigned in a similar fashion to our bunking system on camp. We group them according to similarities, likes/dislikes and personalities.
  • They will be given all of the counselor's room numbers each night to call with any issues that may arise.
  • A counselor helps to prepare them nightly for the following days’ activities by reviewing the schedule and plans.
  • A counselor will call them each morning as an initial wake-up call and will knock on their doors to make sure that everyone is up and getting ready for the day.
  • After room in time no one is allowed out of their room until it is time to meet in the morning. Staff will regularly monitor halls before settling.
  • Every camper is given a complete orientation on all the hotel rules in the beginning of each trip, including not opening their door unless it is one of their counselors. There is often a code 'word' used or something signifying a staff member from Summit Camp.


8.  Can my camper bring his or her cell phone?

  • Campers may have a cell phone but counselors will hold on to it and campers will be given their cell phone every couple of days to use and call home at specified times.
  • If traveling on a plane we make sure every child calls home when we land.
  • Campers will not be allowed to be on the internet with their phones.


9.  Can my camper bring electronics?

  • Electronics such as gaming devices are allowed but their use is regulated.
  • Computers including tablets ARE NOT permitted on tour.

10.  How do I keep in touch with my camper?

  • Nightly the Travel Director will send a newsletter that describes the day along with photos from that day.
  • You will have the director's cell phone number in case of a true emergency.
  • You may also email the director to pass a message on to your camper.

11.  What happens if my camper is homesick/needs to talk to someone/is not getting along with someone?

  • Every camper is assigned to a specific counselor whom he or she can go to if they have any problems. If that staff member is not available he or she can go to another staff member, director, or nurse.
  • Our staff are experienced and have gone through an extensive training regime before each trip and are very capable of handling every situation.