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The Waterfront - Lake and Pool

Swimming offers each camper another opportunity to experience personal success and accomplishment. It is self-motivating as well as self-competitive wherein a child readily discerns his/her progress. While offering an excellent means for developing physical coordination, dexterity and grace, swimming skills once mastered are a permanent acquisition. Swimming skills assure the child’s status among his peers as well as provide a superb leisure-time activity. Our programs use our natural, spring fed 55-acre lake and our new in-ground heated swimming pool.

Each camper spends activity periods daily in a waterfront activity involved either in Swim Instruction, Small Craft programs, or Recreational Swims. All instruction is provided by a team of Certified Water Safety Instructors. Swim instruction takes place in camp’s swimming pool. The pool is also used evenings for special swim parties on a unit basis.

In addition to general lifesaving and instructional skills, our boating staff has additional certification in canoeing and/or sailing. Many of our campers who display the necessary skill and proficiency also participate on a river canoe trip on the nearby Delaware River.

Water Activities include:

  • Swimming Instruction in American Red Cross Levels 1 - 7
  • Boating/Canoeing/Kayaking
  • Sailing
  • Banana Rafting
  • Magic Carpet