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Super-Teen Program
Boys and girls who are age 15-19 as of July 1 in the year which they attend camp will be participants in our work/camp program. Super-Teens work as waiters and waitresses for one meal daily, acquiring positive attitudes toward work, learning the importance of task completion, and developing useful skills. In addition they may have an opportunity for a second job working in one of our activity, specialty or administrative areas.

Our Personal Development Course format is available to these campers during the three-week sessions. These courses are longer in length and offer specialized content based on a camper's choice. They have included subjects such as babysitting, first aid, water sports, personal fitness, outdoor adventure, cake decorating, culinary arts, small motor repair, basic carpentry and foreign language study. The approach is much like a junior college. Campers are recognized at the end of each sequence with a certificate of completion. In the last week of each three-week encampment the Super-Teens also travel for a mini-trip to nearby locations. These are two-night three-day events that become a highlight of each session.

All participants are paid a small weekly stipend for their work, and all enjoy a supervised weekly "day-off" trip. Amusement parks, Water Parks, Shopping Malls, Movies, are examples of frequent destinations.

Evening activities for Super-Teens are designed to take into consideration the more mature interests and social skills of the participants. Evening Activities are co-ed, and after each evening activity teens have an opportunity to socialize in our Canteen (general store) before a later "lights out".
Safe Sitter is our newest program offering. It will provide our campers an opportunity to earn formal recognition as a baby sitter and/or child care worker. More details can be found at http://www.safesitter.org.

Staff Supervision of this program and its participants is comprehensive. Staff ratios are similar to those in the younger camp, and consistent, careful supervision is maintained at all times.