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Discovery Center
At least two periods per week are spent in one of our educationally oriented Discovery Programs. Our approach to cognitive development is hands-on, experiential, process oriented, and fun. We make learning a fun experience by instilling a sense of discovery and success while focusing on each camper's unique abilities and strengths.
Our program design provides a curriculum which generally covers four areas:

Discovery & Creation

Investigative Learning, Creative Problem Solving, Learning through Manipulative Games, and Foundations for Independence. Sample units include map making, charting, graphing (math skills); producing the camp newspaper (Language and Writing); creating our own board-games to teach budgeting skills; archaeological digs, building Native American dwellings, etc.


In Science , campers enjoy a wide variety of stimulating projects such as building and launching rockets, constructing replicas of the human eye and ear (studying sound and light waves), making weather-forecasters from chemicals that measure water-vapor, using electronic circuits to construct alarms, code-keys, and even radios! While the projects vary from year-to-year, the excitement, satisfaction, and sense of achievement grow geometrically!

Nature Center

Our Nature Center offers campers the opportunity to care for a variety of barnyard animals as well as to explore and learn about our forest environment. Summit also has its own vegetable patch and flower beds which are nurtured by the campers.

Culinary Arts

Our Culinary Arts program teaches math and social skills via cooking and baking.