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Diet & Health

Diet and Cuisine

Summit Camp serves a naturalized cuisine limiting or eliminating refined sugar, additives, colorings and preservatives. This policy applies not only to our dining room but also to the Camper Canteen where we offer ice creams and candies that meet the same criteria. We are able to provide attention to special diets including gluten free, casein free, vegetarian, dairy sensitive as well as picky eaters. Camp is nut free – even our peanut butter is a soy based product (actually tastes good!) Even the chocolate bars we use to make s'mores come from sources that are nut free as well!

We believe strongly that a healthy diet which introduces campers to a wide variety of foods also improves and promotes self-control and greater emotional stability. Our menus are composed of the dishes that children prefer and are prepared and served according to Jewish dietary laws. Our chefs prepare foods that truly delight the palate, with ingredients being natural and fresh. Our policies have met with overwhelming acceptance by campers, staff and parents.

Health Facilities and Medication Policies

The camp Health Center contains ten cheerfully decorated patient bedrooms, three full baths, a fully equipped kitchen and private examination quarters. A licensed physician and five licensed nurses are in attendance.

Approximately 90% of our campers participate in a medication regimen prescribed by their home physicians. Consequently, given the extraordinary volume of medication distributed by our nurses, all parents are required to have meds pre-packaged by dose by a pharmacy participating in the Medication-On-Time system. Further information on this matter will be provided to each family upon their child's enrollment.