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Creative Arts & Technology

Performing Arts

Our commitment to personal growth through creative expression is best seen in our flourishing Performing Arts department. Our campers develop their unique talents in Music, Dance, and Drama by not only participating in these scheduled activities, but by taking part in frequent camper and staff productions. There are dance shows, circus and acrobatic events, plays (drama and musical theater), concerts, and weekly performances in which campers and staff work collaboratively.

Creative Arts

The development of each child's artistic expression is fostered by our project oriented activities. A camper's feelings of mastery, success, andaccomplishment flourish when they complete or take home projects in any of these creative arts areas:
  • Ceramics
  • Arts and Crafts
  • Woodshop
  • Jewelry
  • Video Arts (filming, editing, creating special-effects)

Computer Center

Summit Camp has two fully equipped air-conditioned computer labs, each featuring state-of-the-art pc computers with flat screen monitors and color printers. The computer labs provide multi-faceted interaction opportunities for our campers. All campers participate in the lab programs (which are designed according to age, interest, and ability) a minimum of twice weekly. Labs are also available as part of our Clubs and evening activity programs.

Our labs offer a wide variety of educational games and software which have been designed to empower children and encourage them to explore and extend their creativity. Applications are also used to enable campers to game, explore the internet, and produce a range of products. We are committed to helping our campers learn and enhance their computer skills.

Summit is on the Internet with its own camper website for the summer. All of our campers have the ability to both receive and send e-mail. In addition to web surfing scavenger hunts, our campers have designed many items on their own.
Access to the internet is closely monitored and campers are not able to "surf" on their own personal devices or visit pages like Facebook and YouTube.