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Our summer design includes a complementary format of camp sessions that flow as three weeks, two weeks, three weeks. In addition, the three travel programs seamlessly allow a camper to combine camp and travel for the whole summer. We believe this format allows our campers to match their needs and interests while also enabling their families to plan for special family times at home or on vacation. Our travel tours are designed to dovetail with our campus program and thereby allow for participation in both program areas.

Three-Week Sessions

Summit Camp's program design has three distinct but complementary programs of activity for its Lower Camp (campers ages 8-12), Middle Camp (campers ages 13-14) and Upper Camp (SuperTeen campers ages 15+).

Lower Camp participates in a structured program that focuses on Social Skill development with camp as the main process and facilitator. Recreation, Swimming, Basic Arts, Performing Arts and Adventure Program in a Basic Skill Learning Environment and a Free Play/Socialization Learning Activities Block are melded through a cohesive daily schedule. Each camper has the opportunity to try all areas of activity geared to their age level, skill level and, most importantly, interest level. The afternoon trip program to age-appropriate venues in the local area is a weekly part of the program. Our calendar also includes numerous theme events and special activities that are long remembered and become the highlight of each session at camp.
Middle Camp,  ages 13 - 14 will also participate in a structured three-week program that will focus on Recreation, Swimming, Basic Arts, Performing Arts and Adventure Program in an intermediate Skill Learning Environment and a Free Play/ Socialization Learning Activities Block. Each youngster will have the opportunity to try all areas of activity geared to their age level, skill level and, most importantly, their interest level. Opportunities for honing these skills and interests by personal choice will be increased as well as the content. The trip program to age-appropriate venues in the local area will continue on a weekly basis.  This group of campers will also have the opportunity to ‘step up’ and experience the SuperTeen program one day of the week.  This will help our campers transition to this program smoothly and with confidence, and be aware of the expectations of being a 'SuperTeen'.

SuperTeens, ages 15 and older, participate in a split program, the first two weeks of which are designed to meet their more sophisticated needs for Specialty Learning Programs and more intense Socialization Programming. The third week of the session will find our campers off campus on a two-day, one-night special trip to local parks and the other sight-seeing venues. The remaining nights will be at camp for closing session events. More details of our SuperTeen program are found in a later description.

Two-Week Session


Summit Camp Interest Sections

Summit Camp Interest Sections (SCIS) is a unique program specially designed where each camper in Middle and Upper Camp elects a particular Interest Section in which to focus his/her activities.  Our lower camp will continue with the traditional camp program for the full two weeks as explained above.
Our Middle and Upper campers have the following Interest Sections to choose from:
The day is divided into two Blocks. Block 1 is devoted to the particular Camp elected by the youngsters and their families. Block 2 consists of our traditional camp activities.  Housing and Evening Programs are age-appropriate, structured either separately by unit or with the whole Camp Community. Campers remain housed with their friends despite their specialty program participation.

  • Sports Camp - Encouraging our campers to develop their knowledge of sports science, nutrition, anatomy and physiology and to learn new and exciting sports as well as create their own new ones! Each camper will also choose an elective in which to specialize.
  • Performing and Visual Arts Camp - Instruction and activities in theater, dance and movement, costume and set design, plus all aspects of creating, directing, performing and producing a dramatic production.
  • Adventure Camp - Our campers will undertake an adventure and wilderness experience including climbing, low and high ropes, river expeditions, mountain biking, hiking and overnights.
  • Fine Arts Specialty Course - This course will allow for more in depth experiences in mediums such as painting, drawing, clay, wood, and found objects/reclaimed object design, and sculpture.
  • Personal Development Course (available for our 15+ campers only) - Designed to equip our campers with skills essential for independent daily living including self-advocacy, personal health and fitness, nutrition, sexual education, budgeting and so much more.
To enroll, please click here to access our camper application procedures.
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