Open Houses and Parent Home Visits are great opportunities to get to know us better.

Open Houses and Parent Home Visits are great opportunities to get to know us better.

There are many ways a family who is interested in learning more about our programs can get to know us better. We welcome you to contact us any time simply to talk to or skype with one of our our Directors, visit our camp, or request a home visit in the

Metro NY or DC areas. New or interested families often speak to current or former camp participants to get a sense of their camp experience, as well. Summit also periodically holds events such as Open Houses and get-togethers. Make sure you check the events on our main page for these! In the summer time, we frequently welcome families to come with their potential camper and have a personal tour of our campus. Generally, it will depend on your family’s proximity to our camp location, your former camp experiences, or how familiar you already are with our program in determining what best suits your needs in determining whether Summit is the proper selection for your future camper or traveler.

No matter which way you decide to reach us, know that we are never too busy to provide answers to your questions! We understand that it is a difficult and sometimes quite daunting decision to send our camper to a new program- of any kind. We welcome the in-depth process that it takes to make that decision for you, your family, and most of all, your prospective camper or traveler. There is little doubt that you will still feel nervous those first few days that he or she is newly starting out. Yet the more you have gotten to know us and the more we understand about your child’s needs, the more we can live up to both of our goal of having a positive, successful experience that builds your child up and encourages healthy development, resilience, and happiness.


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