Travel Takes Education on the Road

When the school year ends parents often wonder what to do for their teen.  Leaving the classroom is sometimes difficult for many of our campers because they leave the daily structure, the systems and all of their daily routines and are now challenged with moments of freedom and un-planned hours throughout the day. Summit Travel is a wonderful opportunity to combine both the academic world and camp world (a dream team!). Academically our children still need to continue stimulating their brains throughout the summer months but also need to combine this with learning through recreation.  Summit Travel 2013 is the perfect opportunity for our teens to learn about the importance of culture and to completely immerse themselves in another person’s world. They will experience different languages, different foods and overall will have endless educational experiences with priceless memories.

Summit Travel gives teens that have simply 'aged out' of the camp world or who are looking for a new challenge and an opportunity to blossom. Teens ages 15-19 will experience lifestyles unfamiliar to them allowing for basic ‘bragging’ rights within the family dynamics: finally having the right to say, “I have been there too!”  Many of our campers are not given this opportunity throughout their school year and therefore need a place to give them that ‘next step’ challenge. Summit Travel opens doors and opens windows of opportunity. Those who join us on travel tend to continue to return because of their love and enjoyment throughout the guided tours.
The exploration of these many different regional and world cultures will help our teens understand how to be compassionate, to become more open-minded and to understand that not everyone is ‘like us.’ This is so important for our teens, especially because they are constantly being told how to act, how to think, how to feel and what is acceptable of them and expected of them, socially. Travelling to our destinations will allow for campers to see how others live and to come to understand that being different and unique is just simply a part of our world! They will also have the chance to explore different foods, tasting culture and perhaps along the way will learn words and phrases of different languages!
Throughout the tours campers will also have opportunities to visit museums and explore historical landmarks and places. They will discover some of the most historical sites: visiting the highest mountain peaks, a naval museum, visiting incredible wildlife, and so much more depending on which tour your camper chooses. Some of the most dramatic architecture of history will be available to experience and opportunities to climb glaciers and take a ride with sled dogs - absolutely priceless!
Summit Travel provides a safe and nurturing environment that fosters compassion and the understanding of others and themselves throughout the world. This is the opportunity for your camper to experience a wonderful combination of education, history, culture and FUN all while spending time with their peers. Our guided tours are lead by experienced staff who will teach them how important it truly is to continue to remain intellectually stimulated throughout the summer months experiencing history, culture and education not in a textbook, but in person and hands on, completely immersed in a different world.

Summit Camp provides a summer sleep away camp experience for boys and girls, ages 8-19, who have issues of attention. These may include Attention Deficit Disorder (ADD and/or ADHD), Asperger’s syndrome, awkward social skills, High Functioning Autism, verbal or non-verbal learning disabilities (NVLD), and/or mild social or emotional concerns. Some of our campers may also have Tourette’s syndrome, and/or mild mood issues. Summit Travel works with older children, ages 15-19, who have similar issues. Their opportunities are more worldly and mature based on their changing needs and expectations. The Weekender program offers school year weekends designed to foster peer relationships and enhance social skills. Travel Club provides extended excursions to exciting destinations during school holidays.