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Camper FAQ's

Frequently Asked Questions About Being a Camper at Summit Camp

1. What is "the Magic on the Hill?
When we talk about the magic at Summit Camp it includes a number of things - it means we are a place that feels our campers are the most important person at camp and does everything we can to make it a fun and happy summer. The magic also means that it is easier to make friends, that your counselors will help when there is a problem, and that everything we do at camp is fun.
2. How many campers are at Summit Camp?
Summit Camp can have up to 300 campers, ages 8-19. This may seem like a lot, but everyone lives and plays with about 8 bunk mates - we have no more than 10 campers in a group. Each group - we also call them cabins - has 2 general counselors and at least one specialist. The general counselors - like parents and big brothers or big sisters, spend their whole day with you and help in every area - they even have their meals with you and live in the cabin with you! The specialist is with you at the start and end of each day as well as all meals. Most of our cabins are then in a group of four cabins - we call this a unit. These units of campers spend most of their summer together in activities and programs.
3. Who are my bunk mates at Summit Camp?
Your bunk mates are kids like you - close to your age - who have many of the same interests and hobbies. They are also either only boys or girls - we do not mix campers at camp. They too are at Summit because they want to make friends and have fun.
4. What is my day like?
Each day has a regular schedule - there are three periods in the morning and three in the afternoon. Perhaps like your school, you would move from activity to activity with your bunkmates and counselors. The schedule is announced every day, and has been specially made for you by our Head Counselor.

5. Where do we eat and what is the food like?
Everyone - campers and counselors - eat in our dining hall - a VERY large room. You would eat at a large table with your bunkmates and counselors. Our oldest campers - we call them Superteens - work as our waiters and waitresses - and bring us our food. They also bring us seconds - and even thirds if we are really hungry! The meals are good camp meals - filled with many kid favorites and choices. Breakfast would certainly include cold cereals, hot cereal, a fruit bowl, and perhaps French toast, scrambled eggs, or pancakes. Lunches include pizza, fish sticks, chicken nuggets in addition to salads, drinks, and a desert. Dinners include baked chicken, roast beef, roast turkey, spaghetti and meatballs, or lasagna. We also have a dinner salad, vegetables, drinks, and a desert. No one ever goes hungry - some of our kids are vegetarians and there is also a meal for them as well as special foods if you have a specific concern.
6. What about my medicines - who will give them to me?
Almost all of our campers take some medicine each day - and we have a super system to make sure this happens. Camp's nurses hand out meds at every meal, between meals, and even at wake-up or bedtime. We work closely with your folks to make sure we have the right information, and are very careful about this. Even if you go on a trip or have a sleep out, we have a system to make sure you receive them on time and correctly. These same folks, together with camp's doctor, also make sure you stay well - anything from a cold to a sore throat - we will take care of you!
7. Who are my counselors?
Our counselors come from all over the USA and the world! We are most interested in getting the best people to work with our campers! They all have had experience working with kids, and many of them have special skills as well - like soccer or crafts or singing - that they will be glad to share with you. They are at least 20 years old, and many have worked at Summit Camp before. They help you each day - sort of like a big brother or big sister and a parent. You might even have a counselor from another part of the world - Australia or England - which can be really neat. What is most important is that they will care about you and help you to safely have a great time at camp.
8. Are there any special events or trips?
Camp always has something special planned. For example, each Friday night there is a special program. These include a counselor dance show, a camper counselor talent show, and our staff play. There are also special days, cookouts and even a Track and Field Day that everyone enjoys. At the end of camp, each Unit (group of campers) even present a play - which has become a tradition at Summit Camp. Steve Max - the world's best Simon Says guy is with us for our opening Friday - a camp tradition - and a fellow named Julius C brings his rock band to camp and we all have a chance to rehearse and perform with them. Our Superteens are off camp every Wednesday afternoon for their time off, and our younger campers visit the local movie theater, bowling alley, fun arcade, and water park. Everyone gets to attend the Wayne County Fair in August - a great place to have lots of snacks, play games, and go on rides. All the staff at camp will be like big brothers and sisters to you and will be there to support you in any way they can!
9. Will I get to celebrate my birthday while I am at camp?
Every birthday person - campers and staff - have a big party in the dining hall at dinner on their birthday. Our Head Counselor announces it - there is a very loud special birthday song that all of camp sings to you - and then a cake is brought to your table. After you blow out your candles, you and your bunk mates dig in!
10. Where is Summit Camp?
Summit Camp is located in the far northeastern corner of Pennsylvania. It is rolling hill country - not many people - but lots of open space and animals. Our lake which we use for boating and some swimming was created by glaciers during the ice age - is called "Rose Lake". Our nature building, in fact, is a former log cabin and is one of the oldest buildings in our area.
11. Is camp as much fun as you say it is?
Yes - and sometimes even more!
12. What do I do if I have more questions about camp?
If you have more questions, ask your parents to contact us or you can email us directly at This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it We will get back to you with an answer as soon as possible.