The Summit Camp pool has been a helpful- if not crucial- fixture of camp since it was installed by former owner Ninette around 1999. These past 17 years, the pool has been used virtually every period of every day while we are at camp- including in the evenings for splash night! That’s a BUSY pool!

Summit’s pool was designed for very intense use, too- no worries there. It is a utilitarian mid-sized pool, rather than a large sized pool which would take much more time to filter and chlorinate properly. The pool’s size helps ensure that camp can, despite the intense use, keep the pool clean and temperature balanced with minimal effort. In fact, a highly specialized filtration system is a key feature of Summit’s xanax online pool- the entire contents are filtered every four hours. (A similar sized pool with a traditional filtration system would take at least 4x that long!)

However, due to this intense filtration and the years of use, it became clear that the pool floor was becoming quite rough. Thankfully, Tony Ciarrocchi was on the job just as soon as the camp season closed. Our greatest worry, of course- or at least that of our waterfront director- was keeping the gorgeous “Summit Camp” tiling that was so carefully installed with the original surface! Yet it was not to fear- Tony had no difficulty in completing a full restoration of the floor- Summit Camp and all. Take a look at our “work in progress” pictures!