Summit Camp

Camp & Travel Programs

Serving children & teens with attention issues & social concerns




Summit Programs include summer sleep away Camp, Travel for teens (domestic and international) and  school year Weekender programs.


Camp provides a summer sleep away camp experience for boys and girls, ages 8-19, who have issues of attention. These may include Attention Deficit Disorder (ADD and/or ADHD), ASD, Asperger’s syndrome, awkward social skills, HFA, verbal or non-verbal learning disabilities (NVLD), and/or mild social or emotional concerns.


Summit Travel works with older children, ages 15-19, who have similar issues. At the same time offers more directed interpersonal social skills, transition and life skills and an appreciation of group touring and adventure travel.


The Weekender Program offers school year weekends, day events,  and vacation programs designed to foster peer relationships and enhance social skills. Participants gain valuable experiences in group activities and  living and ongoing peer interactions.

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